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Unbound (formerly CollegePlus), a division of Lumerit Education, is dedicated to making college affordable and flexible for students by helping them earn transferable credit before enrolling in college. We are dedicated to fostering a community of students who want to do college a different way. We've helped over 25,000 students reach success through our program in the past 15 years.

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Earn credit first, enroll later

You can save thousands of dollars by taking affordable courses while still living at home before you enroll in college.

Thousands of ways to earn credit.

Take advantage of our catalog of 40,000+ courses and flexible credit-earning methods.

Your own team of experts

You'll work with a team of experts dedicated to helping you succeed in college.

Graduate faster, on your schedule

We'll help you find flexible course options that match your learning style and will help you graduate faster.

You Pick the School and We'll Help You Save 30-50%
Choose from over 1,000 Colleges and Universities

...from anywhere in the world.

You will not be tied to a classroom. You will have the ability to work, travel, intern, or volunteer and still earn a degree. Welcome to a truly personalized and flexible college experience. 

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  • Degree Plan
  • 8 self-paced online courses
  • Unlimited Success Coaching
  • Unlimited competency-based exam support
  • Navigate
  • Student Life & community
  • Live chat support
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30+ credits/year

normally $4,200/yr

Average Savings of $13,053 from traditional programs

Credit Bundles

Flexible credits

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  • Degree Plan
  • Self-paced online courses
  • Student Life & community
  • Live chat support


  • Degree Plan
  • Unlimited self-paced courses
  • 2 Signature Leadership Courses
  • Unlimited Success Coaching
  • Unlimited competency-based exam support
  • Navigate
  • Student Life & community
  • Live chat support

normally $6,000/yr


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45+ credits/year

Average Savings of $19,580 from traditional programs

You're a super motivated student who wants to graduate in 2-3 years.

You're in high school and/or have fewer than 15 hours to study per week and need a lot of flexibility.

You're planning to earn 30+ credits in a year and want to do so in a timely, cost-effective way.

This is the best choice for you IF...

This is the best choice for you IF...

This is the best choice for you IF...

Join the most incredible community of students on the planet. Unbound students are passionate, driven and care about making a difference.

Be Unbound Together

FEAST Discounted Pricing

Whether you're looking to save money, graduate quickly, or make school fit into your busy lifestyle, we can help.

Complete up to three years of college for under $4,000 per year.

FEAST Pricing

Discover a better way to do college

This is the best choice for you IF...

This is the best choice for you IF...

About Unbound

STEP 1: Build a customized dual credit plan that fits your budget.

STEP 2: Earn transfer credit through low-cost college courses (from home) that fit your schedule.

STEP 3:  Graduate high school with college credit guaranteed to transfer to the college of your choice.

Unbound Community Events


Unbound students live across the world and are doing incredible things in their communities.


Face-to-face interaction obviously makes for deeper and more meaningful friendships, so Unbound students put on local events in their area.


Hundreds of students gather together every year at Unbound national events to hear from quality speakers and develop long-lasting friendships.


On any of the Unbound international trips, you’ll have the opportunity to challenge yourself by investing in a new culture with your fellow students.

Arizona State University
Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Ball State University
Berklee College of Music
Biola University
California State University
Cleveland State University
Colorado State University
Delaware State University
East Carolina University
Eastern Michigan University
Florida College
Florida State University
Grand Valley State University
Hardington University
Hope College

Huntington College of Health
Huntington University
Idaho State University
Indiana Wesleyan University
Liberty University
Michigan State University
Montana Tech
North Dakota State University
Northern Illinois University
Northwestern College
Ohio State University
Oklahoma Christian University
Old Dominion University
Pennsylvania State University
Purdue University
Regent University

Savannah College of Art and Design
Seattle Pacific University
Simpson University
Southeastern University
Southern Polytechnic State University
State University of New York
Texas A&M University
Texas Christian University
Thomas Edison State University
University of Alabama
University of Alaska
University of Arkansas
University of California
University of Colorado

University of Maine
University of Maryland
University of Missouri
University of Montana
University of New England
University of North Carolina
University of North Dakota, School of Engineering and Mines
University of North Florida
University of Oklahoma
University of Oregon
University of Rhode Island
University of Southern California
University of St. Thomas
University of Texas
Virginia Tech

"By helping me build my plan, Unbound helped me save money, pick my major, and determine the best path to achieve my goals."

Christian Matney, Unbound graduate

Our dual credit program will not only prepare you for success in the future, but will help you earn 6 college credits while still in high school.

Navigate Course
9-week life-purpose planning course
 Select major, plan for college and beyond

Comparative Worldviews
8-week worldview foundations course (3 credits)
Understand the major worldviews and your own beliefs

Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance
8-week financial training course (3 credits)

Success coaching
While enrolled in a course

  • Unbound students aren't confined to a classroom which means: internships, job, world-travel
  • They are dual-credit experts and help students make wise plans for college
  • You can save 30-50% on college costs and graduate 1-2 years faster
  • 94% of students graduate debt-free
  • 14 years of proven experience with thousands of testimonials

Why THSC Partnered with Unbound

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Unbound students aren’t merely classmates. They’re co-adventurers. They’re the people you’ll start a business with, get hired by, or want to hire when you’re the boss. They build organizations, do ministry, and form lifelong relationships with each other. They’re just like you.

Join the community of students who have said "no" to college debt and who make the world their campus.

“One of the best things about Unbound has been being able to sit down and see the list of courses I need to take to finish my degree. And I'm not held to a specific schedule, I can customize when I take my courses so they fit into my life.”

- Jonah

Meet Unbound Students

There are no restrictions on when you have to take courses, when you’ll need to take your test, or when you have to be at class. With Unbound, you're free to travel the world, develop deep friendships with your classmates, and gain extraordinary experiences, all while working on your degree.

Study Anywhere

Being yourself and creating your adventure is core to being Unbound. Whether you want to study abroad, go on missions trips, attend workshops, or build the next Apple in your garage, Unbound is about putting you in control of your education.

Start Your Adventure

Unbound is Endorsed by

*Unbound is powered by Lumerit Scholar, a program nationally endorsed by Dave Ramsey

Why Unbound?The Community

Rated 4.8

Abraham Chen


"I just love the fact that I'm able to go to my fellow Unbound student’s all over the country and crash at their place for the night and visit, or have them visit me in NYC and hang out. Being able to connect to all sorts of people all over the place, all while being busy with the other things I’m doing and getting experience in."

by our students

Krista Kahsen


"The most impactful thing about doing Unbound has been the community and the friends that I’ve made through this. It would not have been the same without that community, both online and at student gatherings."

Caitlin Campbell


"Being Unbound has allowed me to pursue my dreams and helped me to reach my goals of competing for team Canada internationally, I can honestly say I don't know if this would have been possible if I had of been in a classroom."

Stephen Peterson


"Being Unbound allowed me to join a community of world-changers from across the globe. Many have become some of my closest friends and accountability partners over the last few years, and being in the program has given me both the flexibility and the reason to travel literally all over the United States."

Dave Ramsey


Brett Harris


Andrew Pudewa


Dr. Jeff Myers


Over 1,500 Schools to Choose From

We'll help you save 30-50% of the cost and build a plan personalized to you.

Get a Free Degree Plan

Based on your selection, we'll build a custom tailored Degree Plan that matches your budget, goals and lifestyle. 

Your Degree Plan will help you compare schools and choose a college that's best for you.

Get a Free Degree Plan

What Is A Dual Credit Degree Plan?

Your Degree Plan helps your student find and take inexpensive college credit on their own before enrolling in college. 

You'll save up to $900 per course by substituting expensive college courses for more affordable alternatives. Then your student will transfer all this credit into your college for graduation. 

Using this method, your student will be able to graduate in less time and for less money than traditional college students.

Dual Credit