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Join the community of students who are challenging the status quo, starting early, and doing college on their terms.

A better way to do college.

We want everyone to be able to earn their bachelor's degree debt free. We'll help you do this by finding the college option that fits your goals while saving you thousands of dollars. Whether you have lots of transfer credit or have never taken a college course in your life, we’ll create a customized debt-free degree plan that you can get excited about. Because college shouldn’t be a debt sentence.

About Unbound

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Why Should You Use Unbound to Pursue Dual Credit?

Join a Community

Unbound students aren’t merely classmates. They’re co-adventurers. They’re the people you’ll start a business with, get hired by, or want to hire when you’re the boss. Together you'll build organizations, do ministry, and form lifelong relationships. They’re world-changing students just like you.

Unbound Students at a student-lead function

Study Anywhere

There are no restrictions on when you have to take courses, when you’ll need to take your test, or when you have to be at class. With Unbound, you're free to pursue your dreams—travel the world, develop deep friendships with your classmates, and gain extraordinary experiences, all while working on your degree.

Jordyn McGuire, Unbound Student

Start Your Adventure

Being yourself and creating your adventure is core to being Unbound. Whether you want to study abroad, go on missions trips, attend workshops, or build the next Apple in your garage, Unbound is about putting you in control of your education.

Juliana Huckaby, Unbound Student

Earn Your Degree Debt Free

Unbound frees you to take courses from more affordable sources, so you save hundreds of dollars on every credit. The more you take, the more you save.

"At 16, I enrolled in Unbound, and at 17, I graduated high school a year early with 45 college credits. Instead of putting all of my energy into brick-and-mortar four-year schooling... I’ve been able to explore who I am, the person I’m becoming, the faith I hold more precious than life itself.

To me, being Unbound is about so much more than just getting a degree. It’s the conscious decision to be purposeful in the way I live and the decisions I make, and to be flexible in the name of truly living."

Amanda B.

What Do Our Students Say About Unbound?

A better way to do college.

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Get One-On-One Guidance

Don't know which courses to choose for dual credit? We do. We're credit-transfer experts who will help you take dual credit courses guaranteed to transfer into your chosen college. You'll also be paired with a Success Coach while enrolled in our courses. They'll help you achieve your goals by planning your studies around your life—not the other way around. 

Unbound Students

Save Thousands of Dollars

Our affordable online courses save you tons of time and money on both high school and college. With costs averaging 50% less than in-state tuition, and the unique option to pay as you go, Unbound eliminates any need for student loans.

Jonah and Daniel, Unbound Students

Graduate from Anywhere


Communications Major

Amanda serves at her church and helps care for her special-needs brother while earning her degree.


Business Administration: Marketing Major

Jonah works full time and has helped his family through medical emergencies while earning his degree. 


International Business Major

Chloe is serving with her family as a missionary in Brazil while earning her degree.

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Gain an affordable, flexible education from the college of your choice. We don't receive compensation from colleges or universities, which allows us to be completely unbiased when helping you choose a college path that's best for you.

Seamlessly Transition from High School to College

We help you blend college and high school by giving you access to our catalog of over 36,000 affordable online courses and creative credit-earning methods. By strategically replacing your high school requirements with self-paced, college-level work, you can accustom yourself to the rigors of college without the pressure of the classroom.

Unbound Students at APEX