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  • How homeschool students benefit from dual credit
  • Ways your homeschooler can earn dual credit
  • The difference between AP and CLEP
  • How to put credit-by-exam on a transcript
  • And more!

Your Homeschooler Can Earn Dual Credit

And they can do it without changing their curriculum! This ebook will help.

"Unbound provided a way for me to knock out a good portion of my college studies (30 credits worth!) while still maintaining flexibility"

Rusty Martin, Unbound Student

A better way to do college.

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Unbound is dedicated to making college affordable, flexible, and purposeful for our students. We do this through coaching, life and degree planning, skill training, and earning transferable college credit. Over the past 14 years, we've helped over 20,000 students through Unbound (formerly CollegePlus) and Lumerit Scholar.

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