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Knowing who you are is key to being a great leader. How can you bring out the best in others when you don't know what your strengths are?

If you cannot communicate well, you won't succeed in any aspect of life. Learning how to clearly communicate your ideas will set you apart from the crowd.

Knowing the principles behind leadership is great, but being able to execute and act on those skills in a real life situation is even more important.

The Signature Leadership Courses don't just give you another three credits, they give you real life skills that you will use long after you graduate.

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Leadership Theory & Practice

Why Should I Take a Signature Leadership Course?

Leadership is not just for the corporate ladder-climber or the entrepreneur. It is for anyone who finds themself in a position of influence. If you are a student, friend, coworker, teacher, parent, or employee, you will find opportunities for leadership.

Leadership Learning & Execution

Leadership & Management Communication

Real Life Leadership Skills

Leadership Theory & Practice

Learn how to...

Leadership & Management Communication

Learn how to...

Find your leadership style

Create achievable goals

Discover what motivates you

Motivate people without manipulating them

Effectively communicate your ideas

Resolve conflict

Find a mentor

Lead a team

Successfully plan and execute a project


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Leadership Learning & Execution

Learn how to...

What your fellow Leadership students have to say

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