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Essential Unbound Training Session

Learn how being Unbound is a lifestyle, a community, and a catalyst for good.

A better way to do college.



How long will the session be? The session is only supposed to last an hour, but it will be jam-packed with information so come ready to take notes!

Will I be able to ask questions? Yes! We would love for you to come with as many questions as you can think of. There will be time for you to ask them and get Jonathan's answer.

Do I have to pay for this? No! This session is free. All we need is your session registration!

What if I am not enrolled in Unbound? Please join us anyway! You are welcome. This is not exclusive to currently enrolled students.

I'm a student already...does this apply to me? Yes! Come hear the meaning and depth behind the new Unbound Manifesto written by the SLI and listen to Jonathan inspire you to truly be Unbound.

Is this only for students or can parents come? Parents and students both are welcome to join us!

Bonus Giveaways for Attendees

A better way to do college.

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The Unbound Manifesto

Six students on a leadership team delved deep into the lifeblood of the community and created an Unbound Manifesto. You'll receive a downloadable copy to frame and inspire you on your journey.

APEX 2018 Session

At APEX 2018, Navy SEAL Mike Ritland addressed our students with his life experience, life lessons, and many challenges to craft them into highly effective and motivated people. Listen to this session for free to get a taste of APEX! 

A New Student Cheatsheet

If you're a new student, we want you to get to know your way around the community like a pro! This quick guide will tell you everything you need to know about our student teams, events, and opportunities available for you!



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Got questions? Contact Megan Weber, the Student Life Admin, via email or call (210) 802-4090


What does it mean to be Unbound?

Unbound is so much more than a degree for our students – it's a way of life. 

“You now have the freedom to maximize your greatest resources — 
things like money, time, location, and relationships — which translates to the ability and responsibility
To be equipped for your future,
To pour back into others,
To pursue redemption in every area of life,
— to do it better.”

Come join us for a FREE one-hour interactive session with Executive Director of Student Life Jonathan Brush as he describes the vision, backbone, and energy of the student community.

We would love to show you just how deeply the Unbound movement lives within our students and explain how you can set yourself up to maximize your college experience!